First Post and Mission Statement

Saint Thomas Aquinas is on record saying, “the name of being wise is reserved to him alone whose consideration is about the end of the universe, which end is also the beginning of the universe.” 

I can think of few quotes more relevant regarding the current obsession of many people with the so-called “end of the world,” whether via global warming, financial meltdown, terrorism, global pandemic, the singularity, peak energy/water/food/land/etc., or any of the other memes that keep people up at night.  For whatever the reason, we tend to focus on the negative. And, indeed, the impending collapse of a civilization is a scary thing to contemplate. But we’ve been here before; we’ll be here again. The end of one civilization is the beginning of another. If our way of life is due to undergo radical change, then so be it. But it will not be the “end of the world.” Humanity will recover and move along smartly, as it always has.

That being said, when civilizations collapse, there is the increased probability that it may be the end of your world. But if you take time to consider how the collapse may unfold, and think beyond it with the understanding that this is just another chapter in humanity’s eon-long story, then you can provide yourself with the tools to ease the transition and come out on the other side intact. To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then you can transform horror into hope, despair into determination, disaster into opportunity, and the end of one way of being into the brave new world of another. Such is the life adventure for those who embrace change.

So, where does that lead me with this blog? Well, like many people, I have been contemplating the end of our collective ways of life for some time now. And it’s hard not to. After all, sounding the alarm for impending disaster is big business and easy money for a media looking to make more ad revenue, sell more movie tickets, whatever. Also, there are certain factions of our society who see opportunity in keeping people fearful about the future, because people who are afraid are easily manipulated.  And there are always those snake oil salesmen out there hawking that shiny new technological wonder specifically designed to save us from the disaster created by the shiny new technological wonder they were hawking last year. And so on.

Rise above. Try to wade through the chaff and competing agendas.  Think, write about, and evolve some ideas I have for preparing, navigating, and perhaps capitalizing on the changes ahead of us. Discuss these ideas with those who may come across this blog and care to comment. And generally do my tiny little part to help keep my head, and perhaps others’, when all about are losing theirs. These are the things I wish to accomplish with this blog. See you on the other side!


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