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Losing my “religion”

Michael Gerson has an opinion piece over at the Washington Post, in which he describes what he feels to be a declining faith by the American people in their religious institutions. Although he makes some interesting points, I suspect that the changing demographics he highlights have more to do with the rejection of theology masquerading as religion, than a rejection of religion itself.
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Theology is not religion…

…nor is metaphysics philosophy

I believe the Three Initiates where utterly profound when, in the Kybalion, they categorized religion as merely a recognition of “The All, and one’s relationship to it,” vs. theology as “the attempts of men to ascribe personality, qualities, and characteristics” to the unknowable – specifically, the attempts of some to intercede themselves as the “middle-men.”
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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

It has been some 130 years since Friedrich Nietzsche exposed the world to one of arguably the most profound, and most misinterpreted, expressions in the history of modern philosophy; specifically, that man is something that shall be overcome – a concept that has found its home in everything from Nazi eugenics programs to transhumanism and the quest for artificial intelligence.
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The truly smart machines will not be like us…

…although, someday, the dumb ones may seem pretty close.

Count me as one who has always considered the Turing test a dubious and misleading examination of machine intelligence. But it does serve as a good launch point for discussing the purpose and relevance of developing intelligent machines.
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Status report from a lonely (sci-fi) observation post…

Status Report, Dated 5697 UGRP
Security Observation Outpost
Star System NG125694, Planet Three (locally known as the Sol/Earth system)

SUBJ: Galactic Mining Consortium, risk to NG125694 Assets and Mining Operations
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That 21st Century Retirement Plan

With the looming disaster of the nation’s 401k experiment seeping into the national awareness, and the fact that half of those under the age of 30 have zero confidence that Social Security and Medicare will be around when they reach the ever rising age for stepping down, one may wonder what retirement is going to look like in the 21st century.
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In my previous post, I compared the effects of two large storms on the United States, and some trends that will be affecting our ability to respond to such occurrences in the future. In this post, I would like to reflect on how I see these trends altering the future of our society in general.
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