A Cosmogonic Poem…

I kneel at the lip of the ocean,
and awareness flows through my soul
like a cool and tantalizing breeze.
I slip my hands into the swirling foam
and I can sense the life within in it.
And in that life is life,
and in that life is life,
and I wonder where the life ends
and the science begins.
Where the science ends,
and the life begins…

When I want to search for answers,
I can study a part of the sky I know
and cast my senses upon that endless sea
and see where the science takes me.
And if there is a meaning to seek,
then what is there to surmise
but that the universe spins its stardust dream,
and within it we are but so much plankton;
individual, unique;
immersed in an infinite instant.

The moment slips away;
the ocean recedes to sigh forth again;
the life dries on my hands;
and I sense that the truth lies in the essence of both:
the science without and the spirit within;
the mind and the heart;
body and soul;

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