War drums

What happened yesterday in Boston was a tragedy. But when the edge wears off, and the war drums start to thump, as they surely will, let us not forget the legacy of the last tragedy:

  • 10+ years of war; hundreds of thousands of lives lost (still going).
  • The Gulag at Guantanamo Bay (still open).
  • Civil rights, shredded (still shredding).
  • The loss of our national soul, through torture and shame (rebranded as enhanced interrogation).

And fear. Endless fear.

If we want to honor the souls lost yesterday, then let us allow law enforcement time to find the people who did this, try them in a court, and sentence them by a jury of their peers. Allow the rule of law a chance this time, and not the horror of war.

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  1. I can hear the sound of ork drums now….

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