The problem with Donald Trump

The problem with Donald Trump is not one of economics and hate. The problem is about legitimacy and trust.

The reason that Trump has risen so high in the polls is that he speaks to the lack of legitimacy with which many people hold the establishment. And why should they hold the establishment to be legitimate? After all, many of these are people who have lost their jobs to government-sponsored globalization, who have lost their homes and retirements to government-backed thievery by the banks, who have seen their futures redirected to a wealthy few through government-backed policies of upward redistribution, and whose every interaction with the government, from law enforcement to the labor department is anything but pleasant. Stoke this daily with hate radio, and you can see why people are primed for a change.

Is Trump unpleasant? Sure. Is he a fascist? Possibly. Would he take America somewhere it does not want to go? Almost certainly. But from the aggrieved perspective of those systematically disenfranchised by the establishment, how could he be worse than what they currently deal with on a daily basis? Hence the desire for change.

It is highly unlikely that Trump will win the presidency. But that does not mean the anger and despair he represents will go away. Trump is the canary in the coal mine; something that the establishment should take very seriously if it does not want to see trust in the government further, and perhaps irrevocably, eroded.


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5 responses to “The problem with Donald Trump

  1. JenBob

    Your article was posted about six months ago. My, how things change. I doubt seriously if you would make the same statement about Trump’s poor chances of being elected.

    • I still believe that his chances are poor, but mostly because I think his campaign is going to self-immolate long before November. But I could be wrong! He has certainly defied expectations.

      That being said, I do believe that if Clinton runs an establishment campaign against Trump, it will be a serious misreading of the depth of anti-establishment anger that she is still suffering in her own backyard, in the form of Bernie Sanders. So the run-up to November certain has nail-biting potential!

      • JenBob

        I agree that the mistrust of the establishment is palpable, and The Donald embodies that mistrust.
        With The Donald, you have no guarantees. With Hillary, you know what you’re getting…and that’s her biggest problem.
        Also, Jim Comey ain’t helping her any!

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