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Things are like This, because they used to be like That…

And they will be like That again, as soon as our annoyance with This becomes greater than our memory of That.

From This to That and back again. Such is the never ending cycle of the human experience.

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What God says

When I think about the looming crises of peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak people , I am reminded of the following Indian parable that I came across, told by the comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell, in his book Myths To Live By:
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Theology is not religion…

…nor is metaphysics philosophy

I believe the Three Initiates where utterly profound when, in the Kybalion, they categorized religion as merely a recognition of “The All, and one’s relationship to it,” vs. theology as “the attempts of men to ascribe personality, qualities, and characteristics” to the unknowable – specifically, the attempts of some to intercede themselves as the “middle-men.”
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Status report from a lonely (sci-fi) observation post…

Status Report, Dated 5697 UGRP
Security Observation Outpost
Star System NG125694, Planet Three (locally known as the Sol/Earth system)

SUBJ: Galactic Mining Consortium, risk to NG125694 Assets and Mining Operations
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The Slendertone as a parable

My wife recently brought to my attention the fact that ongoing excesses in eating habits and a lack of exercise have predictably caused a corresponding increase in my waist size. So, as this seems to be more or less a yearly event, and because I have had success with this in the past, I dutifully logged onto the Internet, looked at the newest shiny waist-reduction tech out there, weeded out the obvious snake oil, researched the rest, and chose a device that many people seemed to have had good results with. And, voila! The device came in the mail a couple of weeks ago; I’ve been using it regularly; and it feels like it’s working. Problem solved, right?
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