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The Circle

I just finished reading The Circle, the highly entertaining and disturbingly thought provoking novel by Dave Eggers, in which the plot concerns a fictional corporation (“the Circle”) that is best described as what would happen if Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many other social media companies that are now currently disconnected were to merger under one roof. I will not get into great detail about the book in this post, but you can go here and here if you want to read the reviews. Suffice it to say that the brilliance of the book is that it is both simple and entertaining to read, yet very deep on many levels. I would consider it perhaps the most astutely written warning to date concerning the lack of privacy in social media; a thought-provoking meld between 1984 and A Brave New World.
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Technology is not magic

The online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary tells me that magic is “the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces.”

The dictionary also tells me that technology is “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area: engineering.”
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Graceful degradation and the fault tolerant society

Graceful degradation is an engineering concept by which complex systems are designed such that they can still perform their core functions even while sustaining significant damage, albeit at a reduced capacity. Although often treated as equivalent to fault tolerance, the fundamental difference is that fault tolerant systems are designed such that a backup component or system can quickly be brought back on line to maintain full system capability, while the goal of graceful degradation is to support reduced functionality so as to prevent catastrophic failure. A lot of times, they are used together to maintain maximum reliability: for example, the battery backup system of a computer server room that may temporarily shut down non-critical servers on a power outage so as to maximize battery life (graceful degradation) until a backup generator can be brought on line (fault tolerance).
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Luddism, or just survival?

Paul Krugman makes a cogent argument today in the New York Times with respect to technology which few who regularly read this blog will be surprised to know I wholeheartedly agree. But I’m not sure he needs to bring Luddism, with all its anti-technology baggage, into the argument.
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The robot road to hell

Although I often disagree with their ideology, I have no doubt that most researchers in the robotics and AI industries are highly moral people who have good intentions at heart. But then we all know what they say about good intentions.
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Technology and the opiate of magical thinking

I’d like to start off this post with a little thought experiment: specifically, what answer will we be expecting when we get to ask the AI’s for the “cure for cancer?”

If we simply pose the question as written, we might get this obvious response – in all caps, of course, because that’s how omniscient machines are supposed to talk – “THE CURE IS TO STOP EXPOSING HUMANS TO CANCER CAUSING CHEMICALS.”
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Your god is something that shall be overcome…

…what have you done to overcome it lately?

— Thus Spoke Gruntathustra

It is an observed phenomena that when a people’s theology no longer works as a means of solace and hope for the events occurring in their daily lives, that they will either seek out a new theology that is more relevant, or they will turn internally, seeking comfort through mysticism, vision quests, whatever. After all, the Buddhists, who have been thinking and writing about this for some 2500 years, believe that the path from sorrow simply exists, both generally and uniquely, within each one of us. But what do you do when even those gods seem lacking?
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