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Quell the Eugenic Man

From the theories proposed by Sir Francis Galton at the turn of the twentieth century, to the warnings illustrated by the movie Gattica at the turn of the twenty-first, the concept that mankind can somehow deterministically improve its genetic lot has been an undercurrent of political thought for a very long time. Yet, one has to wonder about this fascination. Certainly, we are the only species on this planet for which this is an innate concern, though undoubtedly this is linked, in no small part, to our ability to conceptualize sorrow with our current form and, thus, contrive some ideal to improve upon it. No other animal, after all, has ever gazed upon its reflection in a pool of water and been so enamored with perfection as our own. However, just because we can conceptualize an idea does not mean we have the intellectual capacity to properly act upon it.
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